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Technology NameBriefcaseLead Researcher
Keywords Virtual teams, Artificial Intelligence (AI), E-learning Platforms, Machine learning, online group learning Current development stage TRL4 Technology validated in lab; interested in commercial partnerships        Application Group ...
Schwarz Baruch (Education)
  Category Humanities & Social Sciences Keywords History, storytelling, visualizing content, know-how Application Israel is the country with multiple historical sites related to the medical history. Most are not included in organized ...
Kozma Liat
  Background DNA mutations in mitochondrial proteins/enzymes (nuclear encoded) that may lead to disease are present in approximately 1 in 8,000 individuals. Any treatment for mitochondrial diseases must be capable of targeting and crossing the ...
Galski- Lorberboum Haya
Background Hyperlipidemia is a widespread condition that affects as many as one-third of adults and an increasing number of children in developed countries. Its pathogenesis mechanisms are only partly understood. The small non-coding microRNAs ...
Soreq Hermona
Background With continuous increase in the elderly population, many age-related health problems have become a major healthcare issue. Attenuating deleterious age-related processes taking place in multiple organs is highly desirable. Our ...
Keshet Eli
Once-daily, sustained-release Sirolimus delivery system Categories Oral Cavity, Oncology/Cancer, Sustained Release, Drug Delivery Development Stage Prototypes tested in vitro; pharmokinetic and pharmacodynamic testing in human volunteers ...
Friedman Michael