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April 18, 2016
When size matters: Tiny innovations for a better world

Imagine nanoparticles that can carry a cancer drug directly to malignant cells and release it slowly for optimal effect.
Imagine a “green” method to transform plastic waste into valuable industrial products.
These inventions were among those...

April 4, 2016
New human on chip technology permits unparalleled insight into cellular...

Hebrew University's liver-on-chip platform is uniquely able to monitor metabolic changes indicating mitochondrial damage occurring at drug concentrations previously regarded as safe.
Yissum, the technology transfer company of the Hebrew...

March 24, 2016
A single blood test could detect multiple diseases

Israeli researchers develop method to diagnose diabetes, multiple sclerosis, pancreatic cancer, pancreatitis and brain damage from one blood test.
"In the long run, we envision a new type of blood test aimed at the sensitive detection of tissue...

March 23, 2016
Conference to showcase Hebrew University nanotech

Eight companies were founded in 2015 through Yissum based on research at the Hebrew University’s Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.

March 22, 2016
Instant light, safe driving, indestructible threads all part of nano future

Shades and curtains that can light up a room or darken a window, making them as transparent or as opaque as desired; monitoring of physiological parameters such as stress, fatigue, pain, alcohol influence, drug use, and other factors using...

March 17, 2016
Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP) LED Group Wins License to Operate a Tech...

JVP to Operate Jerusalem-based Startup Incubator for 8 Years in Partnership with Motorola Solutions, Reliance Industries and Yissum, the Research Development Company of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

March 16, 2016
Yissum Forms Neteera Technologies for Remote Sensing of Biological...

Yissum Research Development Company of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the technology-transfer company of the Hebrew University, announced today the formation of Neteera Technologies, developer of remote sensing technology of various human...

March 16, 2016
VIDEO: Haploid Human Embryonic Stem Cells

Scientists from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Columbia University Medical Center and The New York Stem Cell Foundation Research Institute have succeeded in generating a new type of embryonic stem cell that carries a single copy of the human...

March 13, 2016
Yissum Spin Off Melodea Announces New Facilities in Sweden [Hebrew]

Melodea is pioneering the development of an economically viable industrial process for the extraction of Nano Crystalline Cellulose (known as NCC or CNC) from the sludge of the paper industry. It developes unique technologies to assemble the NCC...

March 13, 2016
One in four life science innovations has Israeli roots, says expert

Exelon, for example, is a treatment for Alzheimer’s that helps patients cope with the disease and remain independent longer. Marketed by Novartis, the drug is based on research that was conducted at Hebrew University. Doxil, sold by Johnson and...

March 7, 2016
Melodea Wins Nanotechnology Innovation of the Year Award at NanoIsrael 2016

Melodea develops environmentally-friendly, nano-crystalline cellulose based products from side streams of the paper industry

March 1, 2016
HU develops Jerusalem sewage viruses to kill off resistant dental bacteria

Using viruses from Jerusalem's sewage system, Hebrew University-Hadassah School of Dental Medicine researchers have developed an innovative treatment against dental bacteria that are resistant to growing numbers of antibiotics.

The team...