Technology Transfer Process

Yissum is the technology transfer company of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. It is responsible for marketing the inventions and know-how generated by the University's renowned researchers and students.

Ideation is the process of transforming research and know-how into translational innovations. To develop and streamline this process, Yissum offers ideation vehicles/accelerators and platforms (Spark HUJI EDGES) which support early stage applied research while providing mentorship and hands-on training to entrepreneurial students and faculty members. In addition, we regularly call for research proposals which are designed to elicit new ideas to solve industry gaps in technology, often times in collaboration with industry partners. Yissum also assists with the process of applying for government funding to further develop promising innovations. Yissum's SITE team is the primary contact for University researchers with novel, innovative ideas.
Value Creation
Value Creation is a multi-faceted process intended to ensure that researchers, industry, and the community will each benefit from the process of transforming research into marketable products and services. Through this process, Yissum aims to provide researchers with opportunities for beneficial collaborations; the community with opportunities for mentorships, and entrepreneurial training; and investors with innovative solutions that they can grow into impactful and profitable ventures.

Intellectual Property Options
Sometimes a researcher has created intellectual property which may necessitate the filing of a patent application by Yissum. The researcher must first disclose the invention to Yissum through a DOI (Declaration of Invention - Download here). Yissum will then convene a technology evaluation committee to determine if the invention has significant commercial potential, and if so, how should it be protected. If protection is pursued through a patent filing, a patent is first filed as a provisional patent application. Within a year, this application may replaced by an international application and later on, these are replaced by one or more individual patent applications in specific countries.

DOI - Declaration of Invention - Download here
Path to Commercialization
Sufficiently mature technologies with a dedicated and experienced leadership team in place and the capability to raise money (Yissum will provide substantial guidance and support in both of these areas) may be spun out into Start Up companies. Other technologies can be offered to industry under numerous flexible partnering options, including deal flow opportunities, licenses, collaborative and sponsored research, option agreements, etc.